What sets us apart at Kenpark is in not just having good employees; it’s in having great ones!. The wellbeing of each and every one of our workers is of utmost importance to us and it’s what has kept us ahead and at the top of our game. In collaboration with our partner, Levis Strauss & Co., we continue to implement a comprehensive plan that helps us redefine our priorities in worker's welfare activities.

  • Financial Stability
  • Health & Family Wellbeing
  • Educational & Professional Development

Our initiatives to promote financial competence and responsibility allows us to economically empower our workers, and educate them to save and invest their money prudently.

Our Financial Stability plan involves:

  • Implementation of an Awareness Program on Money Management in collaboration with banks and financial institutions
  • Educating workers on using the banking system
  • Encouraging and educating workers on saving money in a sensible manner
  • Taking the initiative of creating bank accounts for workers so that their salaries are remitted in a secure manner

Healthy and engaged employees make for a stronger and united team! By integrating programs to promote health and wellbeing amongst our employees, we are able to ensure our workers remain mentally and physically fit for the work they perform. Our responsibilities do not end here! At Kenpark, we ensure our workers' families are looked after as well through a number of benefits that can be availed.

Our Health & Family Wellbeing plan involves:

  • Focus programs to create awareness on topics related to HIV/AIDS/Reproductive health.
  • Increasing women’s health awareness through the adoption of BSR’s HER project designed with female factory workers in mind
  • Advocating good nutrition amongst our employees through our free breakfast and subsidized lunch program by constantly reviewing menus to ensure the nutritious aspect of food is retained during preparation
  • Rolling out awareness programs across all divisions in the form of group discussions, consultations, visuals and videos to educate workers on their family health and safety
  • Kenpark’s affiliations with health clinics in the city allow our workers to enjoy economical and priority based medical services for themselves and their families

Our complete commitment towards educational and professional development of our employees signifies the importance we place on an individual’s continuous improvement. It is what continues us to remain at the top of the industry and ahead of the learning curve.

Our Educational & Professional Development plan involves:

  • Implementation of Personal & Life Skills development programs across all units.
  • Implementation of orientation & training programs to enhance the knowledge of our workers
  • Research is presently ongoing in embarking on an educational project extended to our workers' families based on the educational background of their children
  • Safe & Healthy Work Environment
  • Equality & Acceptance
  • Best Practices

Ensuring the health and safety of our workers and employees is a responsibility we don’t take lightly. All Kenpark facilities have established comprehensive safety programs to ensure safety practices come into effect during normal business hours and emergency situations. Our LEED Gold certifications go one step further in improving the working conditions of our facilities, thereby promoting a healthy and productive environment for our people.

We are also committed to:

  • Communicating our goals on sustainability both internally and externally and incorporating them in the training and education of our employees
  • Promoting the concept of a cleaner and greener environment amongst our workers
  • Educating all employees on the importance of good health practices with particular emphasis on improving drinking water quality to prevent water borne diseases which a frequent in Bangladesh

Greater diversity in a workplace encourages innovative problem solving and creativity. We at Kenpark, actively promote diversity and equality, and in no way discriminate in terms of Religion, Ethnicity or Gender when it comes to recruiting new employees. We are strong advocates of freedom in employment and implement strict procedures to ensure that forced labor and child labor in particular is prevented at all of our units.

As a professionally managed business entity, Kenpark implements set rules and regulations in line with BEPZA and country laws. We have a written policy and grievance addressing protocol that is upheld with the highest level of integrity.

Our best practices encompass a wide array of initiatives designed with our workers in mind.

  • We hire 140 buses daily to provide FREE transportation to our workers
  • We provide hygienic and nutritious breakfast FREE for all our workers, with subsidized rates for lunch
  • We provide medicine and medical checkups FREE for all workers, with access to a full-time doctor and gynecologist
  • We invest over $130,000 in a yearly cultural program and recreational activities for all workers
  • We reward our employees for their performance and achievements even extending towards innovation and best attendance
  • Our corporate discount schemes ensure our employees are able to benefit from subsidized rates in medical facilities, hospitality and recreational activities
  • We implement special programs to ensure our differently abled employees are able to perform at their highest potential with their health being our utmost priority
  • We implement a special program for our employees who are expectant mothers through special privileges and arrangements in transport, nutritious food and emergency medical assistance
  • Implementation of motivational awards programs such as “0” day & “1” day absent rewards, best performed line etc.